WooCommerce Settings

Adjust WooCommerce settings by visiting wp-admin > WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > MyCryptoCheckout.

WooCommerce requires very little configuration to use MyCryptoCheckout as a payment gateway.

To enable MyCryptoCheckout as a payment gateway in WooCommerce, visit the checkout settings tab.

Enable the gateway by checking the first checkbox.

Test mode will allow you to create orders without sending any payment information to the MCC API server. This will allow you, for example, to customize or translate your payment instruction texts so that it suits your webshop, without having to waste any real MCC payments this month.

The e-mail instructions are displayed in the purchase confirmation e-mail sent to the user after ordering. The instructions are not shown if the order has been paid.

The online instructions are displayed to the user after checkout, showing how to pay for the order.

The hide order overview checkbox can hide the order view on the purchase confirmation page in order to get the payment instructions higher up on the page. Usually the overview contains redundant information that the buyer is not interested in.

The payment type name is what is shown to the user during checkout, similar to Credit card or Paypal.

The text for currency selection is what is shown to the user, asking the user to select a cryptocurrency with which to pay.

The last checkbox will reset the MyCryptoCheckout settings to the defaults.

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