If MyCryptoCheckout is unable to retrieve the account data for your domain, it’s usually due to the MCC API server being blocked from connecting to your install. Check for:
  • Maintenance plugins
  • Security plugins
  • Firewalls
  • Cloudflare
If you use CloudFlare or a security plugin, you could possibly have trouble retrieving your account info. Please add to the IP whitelist.

There is no additional download besides the copy in the WordPress repository. Once you purchase the unlimited license, the plugin you already have should automatically detect the unlimited license. Check your admin > Settings > MyCryptoCheckout > Account tab, and you should see that you have an unlimited license. If that not the case for you, please reach out to us with the domain URL it should be activated for.

After the 5 free payments each month the option to pay with crypto on the payment page will be hidden until more free payments become available and then it will automatically show again. If you require unlimited transactions, please purchase a flat rate license.

The QR codes and open in wallet button use the standardized BIP 0021 format ( ). Most of the popular wallets support it like Coinomi, Trust wallet, Electrum, etc. There's not really much we can do on our end about wallets that don't have proper support.

If you are using a wallet that does not support it, you can just hide the open in wallet button if you'd like to. The following CSS will hide the open in wallet button. The Metamask button will still display if people are using it.

.mcc .payment_buttons .open_wallet_payment { display: none; }

You can use HD wallets like electrum for example to generate new addresses for each transaction. See

But only some coins natively support HD wallets. We would recommend setting it up for the coins that do. For coins that don't support HD wallets, or if you decide not to use an HD wallet even for coins that do support them:

MyCryptoCheckout then uses a system of reserved amounts to differentiate between customers.

Say an item, after currency conversion, costs 1 BTC. If someone purchases that item the amount, 1 BTC, will get reserved in the system.

While waiting for the first transaction to come through, someone else buys the same item. That user will be told to pay 1.00000001 BTC.

And while waiting for the two above transactions to come through, the next user will be told to pay 1.00000002 BTC.

As soon as the transaction comes through the amount becomes freed. So the second user pays his 1.00000001 BTC. The next user will be offered that amount since 1 BTC is still reserved.

Currently there is no input/detection for tags/memos built in to MCC. Sometimes tags/memos are required when sending certain coins directly to an exchange (BNB, XLM, EOS), this will not work with MCC, but wallet to wallet will work fine without tags. You'll need a regular wallet to accept those coins like coinomi, exodus, etc.

It is on our development list to add an option for tags/memos for exchanges and autosettlement purposes. Can't give an exact ETA when it will be ready yet though...