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  • 0% transaction fees
  • Unlimited transactions for a flat fee
  • Receive payments into any wallet you choose
  • Sell anything you want
  • Accept over 44 coins: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Decred, Ethereum, Litecoin, NEO, Zcash, & ERC20's
    Bitcoin Gold
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Key Features & Highlights

No middleman fees

MyCryptoCheckout does not charge you transaction fees. Your only cost is the flat-rate license. In contrast, expect to pay 1-3% of your income to credit card processors & other crypto payment services.

Use Any Crypto Wallet You Want

Be in control of which wallet you choose to receive payments in. Payments go directly from the customer to your wallet. You can also use a wallet that instantly converts cryptocurrency to your local fiat.

No redirection to 3rd parties

Take cryptocurrency payments directly on your store with a slick and responsive checkout process. Your customer data stays with you and visitors remain on your site during the whole checkout process

Real-time exchange rates

Fast, consistent, reliable exchange rate data and currency conversion for your business. From a single request per month to a thousand per second, we've got you covered.

QR code for wallet address

Placing your cryptocurrency wallet address in the form of a QR code makes online purchases a snap for customers. Most mobile cryptocurrency wallets support scanning QR codes.

Confirmation Speed Options

Choose options for your transactions confirmation speed & security preferences. Less confirmations equal faster speeds, more confirmations equal slower speeds with more security.


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  • 3 free transactions each month
  • 0% transaction fees
  • Fully automated peer-to-peer transactions
  • Real-time exchange rates
  • Limited support
  • Download for Wordpress
  • 1 Year
  • $59
  • Unlimited transactions
  • 0% transaction fees
  • Fully automated peer-to-peer transactions
  • Real-time exchange rates
  • Full support
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Decentralized Peer to Peer Transactions

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What people are saying!

MyCryptoCheckout has allowed our company to take crypto payments without involving a payment processor who takes a percentage of each sale. It also give us control of the coins at all times by enabling us use whatever crypto wallet we want and accept a range of currencies that most other solutions did not offer together. Puff Puff Vapors