TenX Payments for WooCommerce

  • Accept PAY and 82+ other coins
  • 0% transaction fees
  • No KYC or product restrictions
  • Peer-to-peer transactions

About TenX (PAY)

TenX (PAY) is an ERC-20 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain. The TenX payment platform includes the TenX cryptocurrency wallet, and the TenX debit/prepaid card, which can be used in almost 200 countries at over 42 million VISA points of acceptance. The main goal of TenX is to make it faster and easier to spend cryptocurrencies and accelerate adoption for the industry. In June 2017, TenX completed one of the biggest initial token sales to date, selling around 100 million PAY tokens in 7 minutes. The company received around $80 million dollars in a diverse range of cryptocurrencies during the token sale.

Current market price
1 PAY = $0.00939915

How to accept TenX payments with WooCommerce?

MyCryptoCheckout (MCC) makes it easy to let your customer pay in PAY and 82+ other popular cryptocurrencies. Our open source plugin for WooCommerce allows you to go live in minutes. There is no signup, no KYC, or approval of any kind required. The payments are peer-to-peer, you receive the coins directly from the customer into any crypto wallet you want, with no intermediary.


Install Plugin

Get started by downloading the open source plugin and installing it on your WooCommerce webshop. There is no signup, KYC, product restrictions, or approval required.


Adjust Settings

MyCryptoCheckout requires very little setup to use as a payment gateway in WooCommerce. Add wallets for currencies you wish to use and enable the gateway. Be live in minutes.


Accept Payments

Its as simple as that. You are now ready to accept cryptocurrency payments from online customers. Payments will go directly from the customer to you with no intermediary.

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