Add a Full Blockchain

Payments in your custom cryptocurrency can be handled by MyCryptoCheckout, with the same advantages as the other currencies in the system:

  • 0% transaction fees
  • Unlimited transactions for a flat fee
  • Receive payments into any wallet you choose
  • Sell anything you want

To add your cryptocurrency we require:

  • that your currency runs on a Linux server
  • a JSON API that provides
    • blockchain height
    • block details (transaction IDs)
    • transaction details (amount, recipient)
  • a blockchain explorer to test some transactions
  • the symbol of your currency
  • an optional exchange rate URL

The exchange rate URL is used if your coin is not yet listed on Coinmarketcap. If you are unsure if you can fulfill the above requirements, please contact us.

The introductory price is $750 per year. Your coin will be added to the system and all users of MyCryptoCheckout everywhere will be able to pay with your currency.

For more information, see the MyCryptoCheckout documentation page for adding a cryptocurrency.

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