Rewards (RWD) Main Sale Instructions

Not long now!

We want you to know exactly what steps you need to take to participate in the $RWD Main Sale event which starts Tuesday July 13, 2021.

To start with, the sale will run concurrently on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. The sale tokens have been divided between the chains. Participants will get to choose which chains contract to interact with, on a first-come, first-served basis.

There is no whitelist, KYC, or private sale! The main sale is open to everyone except few countries that are IP blocked due to uncertain regulatory conditions (U.S., and OFAC sanctioned countries).

Main Sale Details

  • Start: July 13th
  • Close: July 22th
  • Ticker: $RWD
  • Tokens available: 175,000,000
  • Token price: $0.012
  • Swap currency: ETH or BNB


Make sure your wallet is ERC-20 or BEP-20 compliant.

We highly recommend using Metamask or Trust wallet. This is where you will be sending your ETH or BNB contributions from. $RWD Tokens will be sent back to the same wallet address immediately. Only use a wallet you control the private keys to.

Gas Limit

Make sure your Gas Limit is set appropriately.

As gas prices are constantly changing, below is an example of what the gas limit requirements would be right now. Live gas requirements will be on the main sale page the day of the sale. If you use the Metamask button on the sale page the gas calculations will be automatic. If you use another wallet you will need to adjust the gas.

Binance Smart Chain

  • Gas Limit: 300000

Ethereum Blockchain

  • Gas Limit: 300000

How to Participate

1. Main sale page

The day of the sale, the main sale page will be unveiled. The page will contain the official crowdsale addresses.

rewards ico

2. Switch between ETH and BSC Main Sale

Easily switch between the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain sale by using the menu button. Switching between chains will update the main sale address, gas calculations, and the RWD token calculator.

binance presale

3. Metamask Button

If you have Metamask installed and active in your browser, a Metamask button will appear. We recommend using Metamask as the button will automatically push the correct gas calculations for you.

Metamask button

4. Trust Wallet Button

When the Trust Wallet button is clicked it will automatically open the app and prefill out the crowdsale address and gas limit. You will have add the amount of ETH and BNB you want to send before sending the transaction.


6. Display Custom Tokens in Your Wallet

On the sale page there are clickable buttons to add the RWD token to your wallet display. If you are using Metamask or Trust wallet just click the button and you should then see the tokens appear in the display. Other wise if its a different wallet you will have to add the token address manually.

add asset to wallet

7. Token Calculator

Lastly, there is a calculator on the page. Use the calculator to estimate how many RWD tokens you can buy for a certain amount of ETH or BNB.

Official Channel’s

If you have questions or need support regarding the main sale, use one of the channels below to send us a message.