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Bitcoin Gold Payments for WooCommerce

  • Let customers pay in BTG and 95+ other coins
  • 0% transaction fees
  • No KYC or product restrictions
  • Peer-to-peer transactions
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About Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

Bitcoin Gold is a decentralized cryptocurrency and a hard fork of the original Bitcoin. The hard fork occurred on October 24, 2017. Hard forks can take place for any number of reasons such as: changing methods of scaling, developer conflict, and differences of goals. Bitcoin Gold’s team stated the purpose was “to make Bitcoin decentralized again”. Which leads us to the major difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Gold; the mining process. Bitcoin Gold developers adopted a new algorithm for the proof-of-work mining process called Equihash. This algorithm switch restores the mining functionality with common Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), in place of mining with specialized ASIC, which disproportionately favor major mining operations. The founders of Bitcoin Gold implied that having large mining operations controlling the majority of the Bitcoin network hash power defeated the purpose of a decentralized and peer-to-peer currency.

Current market price
1 BTG = $8.71045187

How to accept Bitcoin Gold payments with WooCommerce?

MyCryptoCheckout (MCC) makes it easy to let your customer pay in BTG and 95+ other popular cryptocurrencies. Our open source plugin for WooCommerce allows you to go live in minutes. There is no signup, no KYC, or approval of any kind required. The payments are peer-to-peer, you receive the coins directly from the customer into any crypto wallet you want, with no intermediary.

Steps to integrate on your website:

woocommerce plugin

Install Plugin

Get started by downloading the open source plugin and installing it on your WooCommerce webshop. There is no signup, KYC, product restrictions, or approval required.

woocommerce settings plugin

Adjust Settings

MyCryptoCheckout requires very little setup to use as a payment gateway in WooCommerce. Add wallets for currencies you wish to use and enable the gateway. Be live in minutes.

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Accept Payments

Its as simple as that. You are now ready to accept cryptocurrency payments from online customers. Payments will go directly from the customer to you with no intermediary.

Here's what people are saying about us!

If you’re a fan of cryptocurrency, I imagine that you will probably like MyCryptoCheckout’s approach to handling cryptocurrency payments. Unlike most of the other options, there’s no need to use a middleman, which fits with the crypto philosophy (that is, there’s no point moving to crypto payments if you’re still harnessed to a third-party payment service).

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